There are so many books and it can be a struggle to get the time to read, without a manic toddler, or boss, demanding your attention. So I am incredibly grateful that you have spent some of your time with The Equal Parent, or are considering doing so.

I decided to try to write a book about dads being equal parents while lying in bed one evening, thinking about how no one ever calls women ‘hands-on’ mothers. I rolled over to my husband’s side and spent the next half an hour keeping him awake with ideas. He had lots of ideas too, but said he would rather carry on talking about it in the morning. We have not stopped discussing the subject since.

Why do mothers wake first when a baby cries at night?

Why do so few men take more than a couple of weeks off work after they have children?

Why are health staff so surprised to see dads at baby appointments?

What are outcomes like for children brought up in non-traditional families, without a mother primarily responsible for caring for the children most of the time?

Why do nurseries always call mums when there is a problem?

The Equal Parent attempts to answer these questions, and some more, while also sharing my experiences of trying to share responsibility for parenting with my husband, Robin, after having our son, Solly.

With a range of case studies, research from around the world, and conversations with leading scientists, The Equal Parent explores the truths behind the falsehoods about parenting roles – and why challenging these myths to achieve parenting equality will benefit all of us: mothers, fathers and, most importantly, our children.

The Equal Parent is out now and you can order it here.